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Motivator Blend - Spring 2024

Motivator Blend - Spring 2024

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Our seasonal rotating house blend!

12oz Whole Bean Coffee

Flavor Category: Balanced

80% El Salvador // UNK1 Hybrid // Honey // Carlos Pola

20% Ethiopia // Sidama Betibiroti // Heirloom Natural // Ashenafi Argaw 



About Our Blend

As much as we love single-origin offerings, pairing coffees can create magical results. Our intention with Motivator is to create a blend that is greater than the sum of its parts. We strive to create harmony between substantial body, sweetness, and a rounded acidity, making this blend suitable for all brew methods including espresso. In our shops, Motivator is our staple espresso blend.


More about our flavor categories

In an effort to move away from subjective and hyper-specific flavor notes, we've created four flavor categories to better help you decide which coffee you might be interested in.

BALANCED the most approachable, versatile, and balanced profiles.
FRUIT-FORWARD profiles that present fruit flavors and sweetness first and foremost.
BRILLIANT profiles that focus on brilliant acidity and complexity, geared towards adventurous palates.
EXTRAORDINARY prized coffees that exude uniqueness and highlight excellent cultivation and limited supply.



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