Over a decade ago when specialty coffee first peaked our interest, excellent quality and wild flavor profiles dominated our vision. As we've grown and integrated ourselves into the global coffee community, we've begun to focus more on healthy relationships with coffee producers whose growing practices have the power to regenerate the land, restore watersheds, promote biodiversity. and foster thriving communities.

We allow producers to dictate fair pricing for their coffees. By trading as directly as each relationship allows, we can ensure that the producers of our coffees are receiving what they need to maintain healthy lives and sustainable operations. We strive to select lots and sign contracts before coffees are received, placing trust in our producer partners and working towards a more supportive supply chain.

On top of the higher prices we pay for green coffee, we contribute 10 cents back to our producer partners for every one pound of coffee we roast.


  • Carlos Pola, El Salvador

    An innovative producer, Carlos pushes boundaries by growing coffee in ways that not only defy tradition, but also benefit his farm team, community, and the environment. Pola harnesses symbiotic relationships between plant species to eliminate his reliance on pesticides and fertilizers. Each lot is presented with copious amounts of data and traceability. We believe his style of regenerative agriculture could save many farms, families, and ultimately our planet. Fun fact: Carlos Pola gave us the name Tablón owing to extreme traceability.

  • Maricela + Marco Oviedo, Costa Rica

    Owners of their own micro-mill, the Oviedos are able to produce consistent quality through controlled processing. As members of a women-led producer collective called Farmers Project, they oversee all stages of the supply chain all the way to US import; a rare scenario giving them total traceability. Lots are contracted in harvest and paid for upfront by roasters creating a more viable model for coffee production. This year we chose 2 beautiful lots from the Oviedo family: a single-variety Sarchimor and an Estate Special blend.

  • Ashenafi Argaw, Ethiopia

    Ashenafi produces in multiple regions in Ethiopia, but Sidama is where his family is from and where he has the deepest connection. He was recently awarded a presidential award of excellence for supporting coffee communities throughout Ethiopia with his export company Ardent Coffee. Co-producing with Colorado-based Unravel Coffee Merchants, Ashenafi provides us with stunning Ethiopian lots which will be a staple of Tablón for years to come!

  • Ceci Genis, Costa Rica

    Cecilia is a 4th generation producer passionate about women's empowerment. She honors her family legacy through sustainable growing practices which support the whole Cachí coffee community. As long standing members of the International Women's Coffee Association, Zalmari Estate is Women Care certified (WCC). They’re also one of the few to receive a ‘Carbon Footprint’ certification from the Costa Rican government.