• Kevin Mayberry, Roaster

    Kevin is a licensed Q-Grader who leads our coffee program, focusing on roasting and quality control in order to bring exceptional coffee experiences to our customers.

  • Nicole Diefenbach, Sourceress

    Nicole is a SCA Certified Sustainability Professional who focuses mostly on sourcing coffee and developing healthy relationships with coffee producers around the world.

  • Pam, Cafe Supervisor

    Meet our Barista and Cafe Captain Pam. After trying our pear danish, Pam abandoned her loyalty to the almond croissant. She love love loves a self-made iced oat vanilla latte with cinnamon on top.

  • Jeff, Barista

    Meet Jeff our Barista Wizard and Cafe Plant Dad. He's an avid traveller who loves to soak up different cultures and experiences. His favorite destinations are Italy and Japan.

Where does the name Tablón come from?

Inspired by the extreme traceability of El Salvadoran coffee producer Carlos Pola's lots, we chose the name Tablón to honor transparency. Tablón is a term that Pola uses to refer to a hyper-specific plot of land. When we first started working with him a few years ago we were very impressed with his detail-oriented record keeping in which each lot of coffee was mapped and recorded in an extensive catalogue. So Tablón is a tribute to Carlos Pola's diligence and a nod to our goals of promoting traceability throughout the supply chain.

Hearth Bakery

Owned and operated by Matt Quinlisk, Hearth is our sister brand crafting delicious pastries and breads from freshly milled and locally sourced grains. At our RiNo location, you can enjoy fresh baked goods and a full espresso menu 7 days a week.

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