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Ceci Genis - Costa Rica Marsellesa Honey

Ceci Genis - Costa Rica Marsellesa Honey

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300g Whole Bean Coffee

Flavor Category: Balanced

Flavor Notes: Really Approachable, Vanilla Sweetness, Cocoa, Hint of Cherry, Balanced and Smooth, Medium Body 

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About Ceci Genis

Cecilia is a 4th generation producer passionate about women's empowerment. She honors her family legacy through sustainable growing practices which support the whole Cachí coffee community. As long standing members of the International Women's Coffee Association, Zalmari Estate is Women Care certified (WCC). They’re also one of the few to receive a ‘Carbon Footprint’ certification from the Costa Rican government.


More about our flavor categories

In an effort to move away from subjective and hyper-specific flavor notes, we've created four flavor categories to better help you decide which coffee you might be interested in.

BALANCED the most approachable, versatile, and balanced profiles.
FRUIT-FORWARD profiles that present fruit flavors and sweetness first and foremost.
BRILLIANT profiles that focus on brilliant acidity and complexity, geared towards adventurous palates.
EXTRAORDINARY prized coffees that exude uniqueness and highlight excellent cultivation and limited supply.


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