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Tablón Coffee Roasting

Brew Your Own Coffee | Pour Over Basics

Brew Your Own Coffee | Pour Over Basics

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Class Date: By Reservation

Location: Tablón Coffee Roasters | 1441 S Holly St. | Denver, CO | 80222

Private hands-on brewing class by industry professionals

Test out brew equipment and take discounted items home

Take home 1 bag of producer-identified specialty coffee



We'll make brewing coffee at home fun and set you up to treat yourself with every pour over! By brewing your own coffee, you'll get plenty of experiential learning & our guidance.

Our goal with the 'Brew Your Own Coffee' classes is to help you advance your coffee skills and knowledge in an approachable way. 



Learn what it takes to make a great single cup of coffee at home. From water quality and temperature to ratios and pour techniques, we'll go over all of the important elements and lessons that make your home cup shine like any of your favorite cafes.


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CAMP COFFEE: Use the best tools and brew methods to make great campsite coffee.


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