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Roaster's Select Pacas Tasting Set

Roaster's Select Pacas Tasting Set

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Roaster's Select | El Salvador Pacas Anaerobic Honey, Dehydrated Honey, and Natural Tasting Set

Includes All 3 Boxes of Whole Bean 4 oz

This Pacas Tasting Set produced by Carlos Pola offers all 3 processing methods in one bundle. Pacas is a natural mutation of Bourbon discovered on the Pacas family farm and known as a classic El Salvadoran variety.

We went a step further to showcase these lots by collaborating with Denver-based Tekwani Design Co. and Genghis Kern to create one-of-a-kind letterpress packaging made from Gmund Bio Cycle paper.


Pacas Anaerobic Honey

Flavor category: Brilliant

Flavor notes: The most exciting and complex acidity of the 3, the anaerobic process shows in the tropical and sparkly acidity. As a honey process, body is still full and creates a great harmony with lingering cocoa.


Pacas Dehydrated Honey

Flavor Category: Balanced

Flavor notes: The most balanced of the 3 offerings. Notes of cocoa and almond, very light apple, baking spices and a long coating aftertaste.


Pacas Natural

Flavor Category: Fruit-forward

Flavor notes: Certainly the sweetest and most fruit-forward of the 3 with an amazing velvety mouthfeel. Wonderful tropical acidity that shows on cool. Plum, cherry, mango.


To ensure these special coffees can be shared by all we're offering them individually! (See other product listings)

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